About Us

Glamorgan Church is a part of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) Movement, click here for more information on the Church of God

Who is Glamorgan Church?

We are followers of Jesus Christ!

The Purpose of Glamorgan Church of God is:

To follow Christ according to His Word,
and make followers of Christ by example,
leading, equipping and discipling.

The Core Values of Glamorgan Church of God are:

The Bible, Love, Unity, Fellowship, Integrity,
Servanthood, Worship, Holy Spirit Leadership,
Stewardship, Discipleship, Prayer and Wholeness

The Vision Statement of Glamorgan Church of God is:

Where every person will see the Living Christ.

We are located at:
4715 – 45th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3E 3W5
phone: 403-242-1921
fax: 403-242-3570

email: info@glamorganchurch.ca

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